COVID-19 Protocols

Bee safe

We are pleased to be implementing COVID safety requirements that far exceed basic standards, in every facet of daily school operations.  

These include standards for teachers, parents, students and cleaning staff. Hands are washed throughout the day and sanitizing stations are placed throughout the school for staff and parents.

  1. All teachers and staff are fully vaccinated.
  2. Infrared forehead temperature scanner thermometers will be used for each student and teacher upon arrival and departure.
  3. We ask all visitors and parents entering the building to please wear masks until further notice.
  4. Upon entering the building, washing of hands or hand sanitizer will be required.
  5. Students will remain in the same room with the same classmates throughout the day.
  6. Groups will be limited to 10 or fewer students with one directress and one Montessori assistant.
  7. Mask wearing is optional for students.
  8. Teachers will wear masks until further notice.
  9. Students will participate in outdoor activities for short periods of time. Twice each morning and twice in the afternoon.
  10. Only two students at the same time will be allowed in restrooms until further notice.
  11. Restroom sinks have clear dividers.
  12. Soap dispensers are touchless.
  13. A professional bio-tech cleaning company provides nightly cleaning of the entire facility.
  14. Additional gloved sanitizing of desks and chairs by teachers and students takes place mid-day.
  15. Door knobs are sanitized by teachers in the morning and afternoon.
  16. No equipment is shared by students such as telescopes, etc. All equipment is sanitized after each use.
  17. Water fountains will not be available; however, the school will provide unlimited bottled water with open access for students at all times.