Now Accepting Infants

Peppertree Montessori is a year-round private school offering the highest level of Montessori educational experiences for infants through kindergarten.

Why Parents Choose Montessori

Dr. Marie Montessori believed in developing the whole child physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and educationally. The program provides a stimulating curriculum in a nurturing environment.

From conception to age 4, the child develops 50% of his intelligence; from ages 4 to 8 they develop another 30%. This suggests very rapid growth of intelligence in the early years and the great influence of the early learning environment on this development.

These important milestones can never be recovered and thoughtful parents want to ensure that their child has every advantage for development during this critical period.

Freedom of choice framed by a structured curriculum of tasks and activities is a key quality of Montessori education. These activities foster curiosity and independence as children learn at their own pace while enjoying guidance from thoughtful, observant teachers.

The Montessori curriculum adapts to the growing needs of each child. Practical life activities instill personal care, grace and courtesy. Sensorial exercises help the child discover the environment through experience. Extracurricular activities help discover new talents.

Confidence, communication, exploration, self-discipline and independence are the building blocks of the proven Montessori educational experience that leads to a lifelong love of learning.

Our Wonderful Teachers

Our teachers each have a minimum of five years experience and are fully certified Montessori trained teachers. They are also certified in First Aid and CPR, Health and Safety and the administration of medication.  All teachers participate in advanced professional Montessori educational classes.

Teachers will share the children’s assessments and development with their parents throughout the year.  They also encourage children to select and participate in educational activities based on their development and their individual interests.  Parents will find our teachers professional, yet warm and nurturing.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Children are assessed at the beginning of each quarter. Teachers share this information with the parents to set the initial benchmark. Parents and teachers will continue to meet quarterly to discuss progress and identify gifted areas the child possesses.

This interaction leads to a wonderful partnership in child development that enhances the experience between the child, parent and teacher.

Relationship between child, parents and teacher

Our Parent Participation Association (PPA)

Parental involvement

Our parents are invited to join the Parent Participation Association.

Parents hold all offices and meetings take place on a quarterly schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are encouraged to act as chaperones on field trips, provide a story or music session, or share their careers with the children.

Special Visitors

Smiling nurse

The school enjoys visits from the local police, fire department, pediatrician, dentist and other professions.

The children also participate in annual screenings for hearing, speech and vision.

Our Special Days and Events

Peppertree Montessori celebrates several annual events, including but not limited to:

The science fair, Earth Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Kite flying day, Spring Program, Fourth of July celebration, international dinner, UNICEF Day, Thanksgiving dinner, Hanukkah, Christmas tree lighting, the winter concert and more. Field trips are also planned throughout the year including library program visits.

Children’s Complimentary Visit Day

Children running together

We believe children should be excited about school and learning.  We invite you to schedule a full or half day complimentary visit for your child to enjoy a day at our school.

Your child will let you know that enrolling at Peppertree Montessori is the best educational decision you will ever make!

Parent Testimonials

"I love the fact that they have Yoga for kids with a real Yoga teacher and it even includes the babies."
Alverda S.
"I appreciate the fact that they are environmentally aware and children plant and care for the flowers at the school."
Chris L.
"The infant room feels like a room at home instead of a school."
Michelle T.
"I thought my child would cry when we toured the school but he cried when we had to leave."
Chad W.
"The school is really beautiful and the rooms are so bright!"
Victoria P.